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The Vasectomy Center brings together long-standing experience and clinical expertise to make vasectomy a safer and easier procedure for men. Vasectomy has become one of the most popular options available for those whose families are complete, yet many men are anxious about the idea of vasectomy. As men say, they worry about having surgery in “such a sensitive area”.

At the Vasectomy Center, we specialize in the latest surgical techniques combined with intravenous sedation in the safest environment to make vasectomy a safe and comfortable experience. We start with our group of doctors, each of whom is a Board certified urologist with extensive operative experience and clinical expertise. Our doctors are part of The Urology Group, a growing, thriving practice first started in 1924, with an 80+ year history of compassionate care and clinical excellence. More importantly, we have extensive experience with vasectomy and have done innumerable vasectomy procedures. We currently perform more than 1,000 vasectomies each year. This vast clinical experience keeps our skills up to date, providing patients with the doctors they want - skilled, competent surgeons. We currently perform the no scalpel vasectomy procedure which is less invasive than prior techniques and provides for a more favorable recovery.

In addition to our surgical expertise, we add in our collaboration with the outpatient surgical centers to provide the extra margin for patient safety. We find that intravenous sedation and monitored anesthesia care under the direction of Board certified anesthesiologists makes our patients comfortable so that they do not “feel anything” during the procedure itself. State of the art monitoring is used to maximize patient safety. We have moved well beyond the old days of local anesthesia in the office and a doctor’s advice to “hold on, you may feel this a little bit”.

Patient comfort. Patient safety. Latest techniques. Broad and extensive experience. The Vasectomy Center provides men the opportunity to undergo vasectomy in a safe, comfortable environment under the hands of an experienced surgeon.